Saturday, October 20, 2018

Red Lion vs. Delaware Military Academy vs. Conrad Schools of Science

This past Wednesday, October 10, we had a tri-meet against Delaware Military Academy and Conrad Schools of Science, held at Banning Park. The unexpected heat and humidity made for tough racing conditions, but our runners did as well as they could given the extra "cross-country weather" we had that day.

The boys' race was first. Joshua Deitrich ('19) finished in fifth place overall in 19:36. Spencer Armstrong ('19) and Dennis Nicholson ('19) finished in 19th and 21st places respectively, running respective times of 21:20 and 21:49. Andrew Tanyous ('22) and Michael Gasorek ('22) rounded out Red Lion's top five male runners. Here is the full finishing order for the boys' race: 
  1. Joshua Deitrich ('19) -- 19:36 (5th place)
  2. Spencer Armstrong ('19) -- 21:20
  3. Dennis Nicholson ('19) -- 21:49
  4. Andrew Tanyous ('22) -- 22:36
  5. Michael Gasorek ('22) -- 22:42
  6. Marc Sherman ('20) -- 22:48
  7. Ryan Cooper ('21) -- 24:15
  8. Richard Turley ('22) -- 25:10
  9. Adam Rao ('20) -- 27:05
  10. John Cusatis ('22) -- 33:29
  11. Seyram Gaffrey ('21) -- 45:33
DNS -- Captain Micah Pope ('19) [broken wrist]

Sophomore Ryan Cooper finished seventh for the Red Lion boys, with a time of 24:15 (Photo: Katie Rippon)
The girls' race started five minutes after the boys' race. Hannah Ye ('21) placed fifth overall for the girls' race and first for Red Lion, running the course in 24:31. Faith Hollister ('22) and Captain Katelyn Walker ('19) finished in 25:10 and 26:41, respectively. Abi Phillips ('21) finished just fifteen seconds behind her. Cathy Nicholson ('21) finished in 28:13 and rounded out Red Lion's five girls. Fiona Fawcett ('22) could not run due to a hip injury, but she hopes to be back into running soon.

Hannah Ye ('21) ran the course in 24:31, finishing first for the Red Lion girls and fifth overall (Photo: Katie Rippon)

This was a tough race for Red Lion, but our runners prevailed despite the heat and humidity. The temperatures next week will be a lot cooler and we are excited to finally see some fall weather. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2018 Salesianum Invitational

Our sixth meet of the season, the Salesianum Invitational, was held at Brandywine Creek State Park on October 6th. Brandywine Creek is notorious for being one of the more (if not the most) challenging courses in Delaware, because of several hills throughout the course. The biggest hill on the course, right after the first mile, is called Maintenance Hill. But the overcast weather and temperatures in the lower 70s made for wonderful racing weather, and our runners did very well despite a harder course.

There were twelve different races at this invitational. Red Lion runners entered in three of them: the boys' Junior Varsity A race, the girls' Small School Varsity race, and the boys' Small School Varsity race. Full results for all the races can be found here.

The boys' JV A race was the first race in which we participated. Richard Turley ('22) finished in 100th place overall with a time of 26:06, and Adam Rao ('20) finished seven places behind him in 27:16.

The girls' Small School Varsity race followed. Hannah Ye ('21) finished in 24:10 and placed 46th overall. Faith Hollister ('22) was nine places behind her in 24:43. Captain Katelyn Walker ('19) finished 74th overall in 26:11. Abi Phillips ('21) finished 81st overall in 27:05, and Fiona Fawcett ('22) and Cathy Nicholson ('21) followed in 84th and 87th places respectively. The girls' varsity team placed 11th overall.

The boys' Small School Varsity race was the last one in which Red Lion ran. Joshua Deitrich ('19) came in 32nd place overall with a time of 19:40. Dennis Nicholson ('19) and Spencer Armstrong ('19) finished in 82nd and 83rd places respectively; their respective times were 22:09 and 22:14. Andrew Tanyous ('22) ran 22:35 and placed 99th overall. Marc Sherman ('20) and Michael Gasorek ('22) finished within nine seconds of each other in 119th and 120th place respectively, and Ryan Cooper ('21) followed in 130th place, running 25:23. Captain Micah Pope ('19) was unable to run due to a broken wrist, but he will hopefully be back in action soon. The boys' varsity team placed 17th overall.

This was a challenging race for our team, as many of our runners had never run this course before, but we did very well nevertheless. For this race, we were focused less on where we would end up or the times we would run (although those things are important!); we focused more on getting to know the course, since it is where the State Championships will be held next month. We are putting our work in and looking forward to our future races. Our next meet is tomorrow at Banning Park, so stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

RLCA vs. MOT Charter

Our fifth meet of the season was a home meet against MOT Charter, and was held on October 2nd at Lums Pond. The weather was warm and humid, and the course was still a little bit muddy, but the nice breeze made for good racing conditions, and many of the runners finished with solid times despite the slightly warmer temperatures.

The team doing some practice sprints to warm up before the race (Photo: Mr. Aaron Hamrick)
On the girls' side, Hannah Ye ('21) of Red Lion finished first with a time of 23:52. Faith Hollister ('22) and Captain Katelyn Walker ('19) followed behind in 24:47 and 25:35 respectively. Abi Phillips ('21) finished fourth for Red Lion and in fifth place overall in 25:52, and Fiona Fawcett ('22) finished in sixth place overall in 26:14, rounding out the five Red Lion girls who ran yesterday. Cathy Nicholson ('21) did not run due to shin splints, but plans to run in our next meet on Saturday. I have now been cleared for a "return to running" program, and I hope to start running in meets by the end of this month.

Captain Katelyn Walker ('19) placed third among the Red Lion girls with a time of 25:35 (Photo: Mr. Aaron Hamrick)
The boys' race was won by Red Lion's Joshua Deitrich ('19) in 19:44. This was Deitrich's first time running a time under twenty minutes for this course. Spencer Armstrong ('19) and Dennis Nicholson ('19) finished neck-in-neck; both of them finished in 21:58, and they placed fourth and fifth overall respectively. Andrew Tanyous ('22) and Michael Gasorek ('22) finished with times of 22:19 and 22:43 respectively, and were in eighth and ninth place overall. Marc Sherman ('20) and Captain Micah Pope ('19) finished in fourteenth and sixteenth place respectively. Richard Turley ('22), Ryan Cooper ('21), Adam Rao ('20), and Seyram Gaffrey ('21) rounded the eleven Red Lion boys running in this race. Gaffrey finished in 39:39, setting a new personal record by just over three minutes.

Joshua Deitrich ('19) won the boys' race in 19:44 (Photo: Mr. Aaron Hamrick) 
Our runners performed very well in this race, and there were many strong finishes. Our next meet will be the Salesianum Invitational, held this coming Saturday at Brandywine Creek State Park. Brandywine Creek in notorious for being a challenging course, but we will approach it just as we do any other race. Until next time, go Lions!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

RLCA vs. Delmarva Christian

September 25th marked our fourth meet of the season. We hosted Delmarva Christian School at Lums Pond State Park. The weather was overcast and rainy, and the course was extremely muddy once again, but many of the runners posted solid times despite the "adverse conditions."

The girls' race was won by Hannah Ye ('21) with a time of 24:21. She was followed by Faith Hollister ('22) and Fiona Fawcett ('22), who ran times of 25:07 and 26:13 respectively. Captain Katelyn Walker ('19) finished thirty nine seconds behind her, rounding out the four Red Lion girls participating today. Abi Phillips ('21) was not feeling well enough to run, and Cathy Nicholson ('21) was unable to make it to the race. I am just a week out (I hope!) from being cleared to run again.

On the boys' side, Joshua Deitrich ('19) won the race with a time of 21:47. Spencer Armstrong ('19) followed with a time of 22:33, beating Joshua Desiderio of Delmarva Christian by one second. Dennis Nicholson ('19), Andrew Tanyous ('22), and Michael Gasorek ('22) swept fourth, fifth, and sixth place respectively. Ryan Cooper ('21) and Richard Turley ('21) finished in eighth and ninth place respectively, and Seyram Gaffrey ('21) finished his debut race of the season, rounding out Red Lion's eight boys. Captain Micah Pope ('19) dropped out of the race due to shin splints, and John Cusatis ('22), Adam Rao ('20), and Marc Sherman ('20) were not able to come due to illness.

While some of our team members were unable to participate in the race, those who could raced well. This was a much smaller meet than the invitational race on Friday, and everything went very smoothly. We have a week to recover before our next meet, which will also be at Lums Pond. Until then, we will continue to put our work in at practice. We are running strong despite the "extra cross-country weather" we have had recently, and we will continue to follow our team motto for the season and "embrace the grind."

2018 Middletown Invitational

The Middletown Invitational, held at St. Andrew's School this past Friday, was our third race of the season. The course winds through the fields near the school and ends with a winding, hilly section through the woods. The course combined with the overcast and slightly cooler weather made for pleasant conditions for the runners. Four separate races were held, with two varsity races and two junior varsity races. Red Lion participated in three of them (we did not need to enter the JV girls' race).

The boys' JV race was the second race of the meet, and by far the largest, with over 350 runners. Ryan Cooper ('21) finished first for Red Lion with a time of 25:02, placing 261st overall. Adam Rao ('20) and John Cusatis ('22) followed, earning 277th and 331st place respectively. Adam was only thirty-five seconds behind Ryan, and John ran a time of 28:15 in his debut race.

The varsity girls' race was next. Faith Hollister ('22) finished in 56th place overall and first for Red Lion with a time of 22:49. Fiona Fawcett ('22) finished 83rd overall in 24:15, and Abi Phillips ('21) finished just thirteen seconds behind her in 89th place. Captain Katelyn Walker ('19) finished in 94th place, with Hannah Ye ('21) and Cathy Nicholson ('21) finishing in 99th and 128th places respectively. The girls finished in 14th place overall.

The varsity boys' race was the last of the meet. Joshua Deitrich ('19) finished first for Red Lion and 47th overall, with a time of 18:54. Michael Gasorek ('22) and Andrew Tanyous ('22) finished in 136th and 142nd place respectively. Their respective times were 21:36 and 21:47. They were followed by Dennis Nicholson ('19) in 147th place, Captain Micah Pope ('19) in 150th, Marc Sherman ('20) in 155th, and Richard Turley ('22) in 162nd. The team finished in 23rd place overall.

Here are the links to the full varsity results and full JV results.

We saw some very solid performances at this meet. This was only our third meet and our first larger meet, and we are already looking strong. I am excited to see what we can accomplish as we continue to work hard in practice. Go Lions!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

RLCA vs. MOT Charter

Our second meet of the 2018 season was held against MOT Charter at Lums Pond State Park on September 18th. The sky was overcast with a little bit of rain. Despite the muggy weather and the extremely muddy course, many of our runners posted solid times.

Red Lion's Josh Deitrich ('19) led the boys' race once again, finishing with a time of 20:06. Cooper Unruh ('19) of MOT Charter finished in second place overall with a time of 21:36. He was followed by four more runners from MOT. Spencer Armstrong ('19) finished in 23:20, was Red Lion's second runner who placed seventh overall. Dennis Nicholson ('19), Andrew Tanyous ('22), Captain Micah Pope ('19), Marc Sherman ('20), and Michael Gasorek ('22) all finished within one minute and twenty seconds to round out Red Lion's top seven boys. MOT Charter was the winner of the boys' race.

Joshua Deitrich ('19) won the boys' race (Photo: Katie Rippon)

Marc Sherman ('20) looked strong as he crossed the finish line. He finished sixth for Red Lion and fourteenth overall (Photo: Katie Rippon)

On the girls' side, Faith Hollister ('22) won the race in 24:00. MOT Charter's Georgia Hitchens ('22) finished twelve seconds behind her in second place. Red Lion's Hannah Ye ('21) and Fiona Fawcett ('22) finished third and fourth overall with times of 24:32 and 24:38 respectively. Katelyn Walker ('19), Abi Phillips ('21), and Cathy Nicholson ('21) finished out Red Lion's six girls in fifth, seventh, and tenth place respectively. The Red Lion girls won the race, which means our record is now 2-0.

Faith Hollister ('22) was the winner of the girls's race (Photo: Katie Rippon)

Captain Katelyn Walker finished fourth for the Red Lion girls and fifth overall (Photo: Katie Rippon)

Full race results can be found here.

The course was very muddy, and so were everyone's legs by the end of the race (Photo: Katie Rippon)

Hannah Ye ('22) spotted a double rainbow over the Red Lion Estates after the meet (Photo: Hannah Ye). {Thank you, Hannah, for letting me borrow your phone so I could take pictures!}

Though this was a very challenging race, we are working hard in practice and we are getting stronger and growing closer together as a team. As this was only the second race of the season, we have many more chances to compete and to see the results of the work we are putting in every day. We continue to "embrace the grind" and I cannot wait to see what will happen as the season progresses. Our next meet will be the Middletown Invitational at the end of this week, where we will have a larger field of competition, so stay tuned for a review coming soon!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

RLCA vs. Caravel Academy vs. St. Elizabeth HS

Our first meet of the 2018 season was a tri-meet against Caravel Academy and St. Elizabeth High School and was held yesterday at Lums Pond State Park, our home course. Despite the rainy weather and lots of mud, the flat and winding course and some cooler temperatures outside made for a fine setting for the first race.

Joshua Deitrich ('19) led the Red Lion boys, placing first overall with a time of 20:17, and beating St. Elizabeth's Daniel SteenKramer (second overall) by just over a minute. Marc Sherman ('20) and Dennis Nicholson ('19) followed with times of 23:59 and 24:04 respectively, finishing in 9th and 10th place overall for the boys' race. Michael Gasorek ('22), Captain Micah Pope ('19), Andrew Tanyous ('22), and Ryan Cooper ('21) rounded out the top seven Red Lion boys.

For the girls' team, Caravel's Katy Peyton finished first with a time of 22:39. Red Lion's Faith Hollister ('22) finished first for the Red Lion girls and in third place overall with a time of 24:19. Fiona Fawcett ('22) finished behind her in 25:14, and Hannah Ye ('21) followed close behind with a time of 25:26. Captain Katelyn Walker ('19), Abi Phillips ('21), and Cathy Nicholson ('21) rounded out Red Lion's six girls. I will be out for a few more weeks due to a shin injury but I am looking forward to being able to return to running soon so we can have a full girls' team.

Full race results can be found here.

For this first race, we are all still focusing on getting back into shape for the season. This was a challenging race. According to Faith Hollister ('22), the race involved "a lot of elbows," and Hannah Ye ('21) said she was "slipping through the course." Captain Katelyn Walker ('19) summed up the race as "pain, perseverance, and puddles." Despite the challenges, we are already looking strong. Our team posted some solid times for this first meet, and we know we can do even better. We are putting our work in at practice and we have a whole season ahead of us. For now, we are "embracing the grind" (as Coach Shirley keeps reminding us), and I am excited to see what we can accomplish in the meets to come.